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Maggie Clark

I'm a data-driven storyteller working at the intersection of people and policy. I'm an expert in finding fresh angles to every story.


Medicaid lawsuit costs taxpayers millions

As both sides of a decade-long lawsuit over Florida’s Medicaid program heralded the case's official close last week, state taxpayers also had something to celebrate: the end of a 10-year stream of legal bills they will cover.
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Venice Regional hospital's image takes another hit

Venice Regional Bayfront Health hit another setback over the weekend in its effort to rehabilitate its public image after a string of problems over the past year.
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Ambulance services not in insurance networks

When Sarasota resident Lisa Dunlap fainted, she didn’t know she’d be on the hook for more than just her hospital bill.
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Medicaid forum highlights need for more eyes on kids’ health care

For Florida’s Medicaid program to perform as it’s designed to, panelists at a Herald-Tribune forum Tuesday said, people need to stop seeing it as a government handout for poor people and realize that it delivers essential health care for nearly half the children in the state.
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Survey: Florida physicians are frustrated with Medicaid

Nearly 70 percent of pediatricians surveyed said that they had seen an increase in the number of patients who have been reassigned to a different insurance company or pediatrician without the parent’s knowledge.
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State denies SMH plans for new hospital in Venice

State regulators denied Sarasota Memorial Hospital’s bid to build a new hospital in Venice on Friday, concluding its application did not prove that there was a need for more hospital beds in the area.
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Part 5: Sound at stake

A hearing clinic trying to balance financial reality with needs of children on Medicaid reaches out for community support.
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Medicaid settlement: Florida will work harder to ensure health care for children

In a sweeping agreement Tuesday, pediatricians, pediatric dentists and parents reached a settlement with Florida’s Medicaid agencies, ending a 10-year legal battle over adequate care for children enrolled in the joint federal and state health program.
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Part 4: Medicaid dental debate leaves out kids

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry joined nearly two dozen other lobbyists in Tallahassee at the start of this year's legislative session on a mission to change Florida's dental care program for poor children.
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Part 3: An impossible choice

On a Friday afternoon, two teenage parents walk into the waiting room at the Sarasota Children’s Clinic and sign in their baby, just 3 days old.
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Part 1: 2 million kids. $24 billion battle.

Before he nearly starved to death, Malik Staton was a goofy, charming 12-year-old with an infectious smile, good grades and the kind of potential that teachers get excited about.
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Part 2: A double-edged sword

Jennifer tried to calm herself as she balanced her 2-year-old son on her hip and walked toward her car in the parking lot of the doctor’s office.
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Maggie Clark

I'm a senior health projects reporter at the Sarasota Herald-Tribune specializing in health business and policy.

Previously, I worked as a data analyst and editor for NerdWallet Cities. Before that, I covered public safety policy in the states for, an independent nonprofit news organization housed within the Pew Charitable Trusts in Washington, D.C..

My work has appeared in local and national news outlets, including USA Today, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post and NPR News.

I earned my master's in journalism from the University of Maryland and my bachelor's degree from Florida State University.

I'm also a violinist, a wife and a new runner. I prefer cursive.